Journal Title Journal of Chemical Learning Innovation
Initial JoCLI
Abbreviation Jor. Chem. Lea. Inn
Frequency 2 Issues per year (June, and December)
DOI prefix 10.37251/jocli by Crossref
Print ISSN xxxx-xxxx
Online ISSN xxxx-xxxx
Editor-in-Chief Yusnidar
Publisher Cahaya Ilmu Cendekia Publisher
Indexing and Abstracting Crossref, Google Scholar

Journal of Chemical Learning Innovation is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year. Journal of Chemical Learning Innovation (Jor. Chem. Lea. Inn) is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to disseminating advances in science and research in the field of chemical education both in Indonesia and in the global context of developing countries. Committed to excellence, the Journal of Chemical Learning Innovation publishes comprehensive research articles and invited reviews from leading experts in Chemical Education and fine chemistry. The selection criteria prioritize papers that demonstrate high scientific value, convey new knowledge, and significantly impact chemistry and fine chemistry education. This journal focuses on evaluating, teaching, and learning physics and related topics at the school and college levels. These contributions aim to inform policy-making and enhance physics education practices. In addition, this journal highlights important findings regarding the application of chemistry education methodologies, such as the development of learning materials and tools, advances in teaching strategies, and evaluation of chemistry learning and character education in chemistry teaching.
The Jor. Chem. Lea. Inn is an open-access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and other scholarly contributions that advance our understanding of physics education and its various dimensions. It is published twice a year, in March and September. This journal has adopted a double-blind reviewing policy whereby the reviewers and author(s) remain anonymous throughout the process.