Schrödinger: Journal of Physics Education has been accepted for inclusion in National Accreditation [SINTA]


Dear Authors, Editors, Readers and Reviewers:

We are proud to announce that based on the decision of the Director General of Higher Education, Research and Technology No 72/E/KPT/2024, that Schrödinger: Journal of Physics Education (e-ISSN: 2716-1587) and has been accepted for inclusion in the National Accreditation [SINTA 5].

SINTA accreditation is an assessment and approval process carried out by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia to recognize the quality and reputation of scientific journals published in Indonesia. SINTA is a national accreditation system that helps researchers measure the impact of researchers' research. Journals that receive SINTA accreditation have gone through a careful evaluation process and met the specified criteria.

The journal publishes original research papers and critical reviews with advanced research scope in the fields of Ethnophysics pedagogy, physics education, application of physics education methodology, such as development of learning materials and tools, advances in teaching strategies, and evaluation of physics learning and character education in physics teaching.... see full focus and scope.

We hope you consider publishing your research paper in Schrödinger: Journal of Physics Education.

Thank you for your continued interest in our work.

best wishes,
Management, Schrödinger: Journal of Physics Education