Focus and Scope

Schrödinger: Journal of Physics Education (Sch. Jo. Phs. Ed) is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to disseminating advances in knowledge and research in the field of physics education both in Indonesia and in the global context of developing countries. Committed to excellence, Schrödinger: Journal of Physics Education publishes comprehensive research articles and invites reviews from leading experts in the field of Physics Education. The selection criteria prioritize papers that demonstrate high scientific value, convey new knowledge and have a significant impact on physics education. The focus of this journal is evaluation, teaching and learning of physics and related topics at school and college levels.

This journal encompasses original research articles, including:

  • Ethnophysics pedagogy, this journal facilitates forums related to the latest advances in physics integration research including teaching, learning based on the reconstruction of physics values in terms of local culture and local wisdom so that they can contribute to policy, and physics education practice.
  • This journal presents important findings related to the application of physics education methodology, including the development of learning media and instruments, advances in teaching strategies, evaluation and assessment of physics learning and character education in physics learning.