Focus and Scope

Schrödinger: Journal of Physics Education (Sch. Jo. Phs. Ed) is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to advancing knowledge and research in physics education both in Indonesia and global contexts. The focus of the journal is the teaching and learning of physics and related topics at the secondary school, high school, junior college, and introductory undergraduate level. Articles related to the history and philosophy of physics, e-learning, ethnophysics, pedagogy, and the design of the physics education curriculum may also be submitted. The journal aims to enhance the teaching of physics in lecture rooms, classrooms, and teaching laboratories through new approaches, insights, and demonstrations and to provide a lively forum for discussions on educational and curriculum developments, e-learning, ethnophysics, strategies for teaching and classroom management, pedagogy, equipment and other topics relevant to the teaching of physics both in Indonesian and Global Contexts.

The Sch. Jo. Phs. Ed is an open-access journal containing original research articles, review articles, and other scholarly contributions that advance our understanding of physics education and its various dimensions. The Sch. Jo. Phs. Ed publishes four issues annually in March, June, September, and December. This journal has adopted a double-blind reviewing policy whereby both the referees and author(s) remain anonymous throughout the process.