Agreement and Declaration

The acceptance of the following terms and conditions confirms your appointment as a member of the editorial board or reviewer:


  1. Members are expected to stay active and willing to complete the tasks assigned to them in a timely manner.
  2. Members are expected to observe carefully publication ethics and malpractice policies of the journal which may change from time to time for the improvement in the quality of the journal.
  3. Acceptance of your application is no guarantee that your peer review reports will be used by the journal’s editor.
  4. Agree to be released as a reviewer after two refusals to review, two failures to review, or three late reviews.
  5. When reviewing a manuscript, please provide valuable comments and instructions to help authors, Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board to maintain a high standard of publication.
  6. The review should be constructive by giving careful attention to detail while at the same time respecting the intellectual independence of the author.
  7. The editor reserves the right to edit any comments that will hinder constructive discussion of the authors’ manuscripts. Toward this effort, we kindly ask our reviewers to avoid comments not related to the authors’ work and so forth.
  8. All manuscripts submitted to Journal of Basic Education Research (JBER) treated as confidential documents and should not be disclosed to anyone before publication based on Journal of Basic Education Research (JBER) Intellectual right policy.
  9. When you are assigned a manuscript to review, please return your comments within the time set by the editorial office. Your effort will give the author sufficient time to revise the manuscript as needed.
  10. When approached to review, agree to review only if you have the necessary expertise to assess the manuscript and can be unbiased in your assessment. It is better to identify clearly any gaps in your expertise when asked to review.
  11. Ensure you declare all potential competing, or conflicting, interests. If you are unsure about a potential competing interest that may prevent you from reviewing, do raise this. Competing interests may be personal, financial, intellectual, professional, political or religious in nature.
  12. You should not agree to review a manuscript just to gain sight of it with no intention of submitting a review or agree to review a manuscript that is very similar to the one you have in preparation or under consideration at another journal.


  1. I, hereby declare that I have read the role and responsibilities an Editorial Board Member or Reviewer has to perform.
  2. I know that my selection will be completely based on the decision taken by existing Editorial board members. So, I have no objection to their verdict. If selected on board or panel, I am aware that I may be removed from the panel without prior notice if found not fulfilling my duties in the benefit of Journal of Basic Education Research (JBER) .
  3. I also agree to publish my information filled in this application form by Journal of Basic Education Research (JBER) on their website.
  4. I declare that I am solely responsible for my own actions and that if any of the above happens, I will not pursue any legal action against said personalities or Journal of Basic Education Research (JBER) .
  5. I agree and comply with all the provisions of the Integrated Science Education Journal Intellectual right policy.